Your Dynamic Posture is BAD! Your Lifts & Body Are Suffering

Do your knees move in while performing a squat? Your dynamic posture is structurally and functionally compromised if they do, and it might look something like this.

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Anterior Compensations

If your knees are moving inward or your feet are rotating out while you are squatting, then your muscles are imbalanced in a few areas. An imbalance occurs around a joint, where some muscles are overactive while others are weak.

The Overactive Fix

The Feet

When the feet rotate outwards, then the soleus and lateral gastrocnemius are often overactive– also known as the calf muscle. Another problem could come from a tight hamstring (short head biceps femoris).

Fix those issues with the following stretches and foam rolls.

The Knees Moving Inward

The Adductor Complex makes up the inner thigh. Often it is tight and can pull the knees inward. Fix the problem by foam rolling the muscles to loosen them.

The Biceps Femoris (one of the hamstring muscles) is probably overactive as well. Loosen it by lying on the back and performing a stretch like this:

Strengthen the Weak Muscles

The outward rotation of the feet requires the calves and the hamstrings to be strengthened; furthermore, the gracilis, sartorius, and popliteus need strengthening.

Try the single leg balance reach to strengthen weak areas

The gluteus maximus/ medius (yes, your butt muscles) and vastus medialis oblique need to be strengthened if the knees are moving inward.

Try a tube walk side to side to strengthen your weak glutes and vastus medialis obliques.

  1. Assume an athletic position (slight bend in the knees)
  2. Make sure the tubing or band has some resistance but not too much
  3. Step to the right 10; do the same to the left
  4. Keep feet straight and take small lateral steps

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